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Yukon Salon – Styling Lumberjacks and their pet ….bears.

Sometimes when you play games you feel like there MUST be some kind of weird backstory involved in the creation process of the game in front of you.  With Yukon Salon, I’ve got to assume there is a range of answers here, from someone having a mighty mighty beard to someone else thinking the name makes for a funny rhyme.  Either way, we now have a game for all your Lumberjack beardtrimming needs.  Also, style their pets too, you know, those bears they are always rolling around with.

I was able to play Yukon Salon with my daughters and it was hilarious to watch them process this game and its theme.  They saw the black and white drawings of the Lumberjacks…..then the bears…..then they looked in their hand at their “styles”.  As they tried to figure out how the styles would look on the clients, I explained the simple rules to them and we were able to get into gaming right away.

The game is simple enough – There are 4 clients in the middle of the game area and on your turn you can do two of these three things (you may repeat actions also):

  • Take a Client from the middle and “seat” them for yourself
  • Attempt a Style from your hand on one of your seated Clients
  • Draw one Style card

The gameplay goes very quickly with a fun press-your-luck mechanic as you style your Lumberjacks and Bears.  The game comes with two dice and as you attempt Styles on your Clients you merely need to roll over the combined difficulty to achieve the victory, adding your accomplishment to your tableau.

One of the unusual aspects of this game is when you fail a roll, you can grant yourself a free reroll by audibly “convincing” the Client that the style you are trying to get them into is right for them.  You and your game group will find yourself explaining to Bears that, “This style is all the rage with the kids down at the park.”

At the end of the game, once the last Client has been seated and everyone else has taken an additional turn, all players add up the point values on their Clients and Styles and a victor is determined.

If we were in my game store and you pulled this off the shelf asking if it was a good game, I would ask:

  • Are you looking for a light filler game?
  • Does your game group usually have 3-4 players?
  • Do you like a little bit of silly thematic gameplay in your games?

If you say yes to most of these, I think you are in the right spot to pick this one up.

Yukon Salon will be on Kickstarter on Jan 24 to Feb 24.  If you are looking for a light filler game to add to your collection then you should definitely check out the campaign.  You can check out more here:

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