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Pre-Production Videos for Tyler Sigman’s Crows


We’ve received our Pre-production copies of our latest game Tyler Sigman’s Crows and we shot a couple videos showing off what we got and what we as a team think about everything.  At this part of the process, we are sent this copy to approve everything before the game goes into mass-production.


So you can see we loved the game and we are having the manufacturer go back to the drawing board on the coins.  This shouldn’t delay production too much (or at all possibly) but we can’t let our quality drop, we want to make the best game possible!

David Gerrard

5 thoughts on “Pre-Production Videos for Tyler Sigman’s Crows

  1. I missed the kickstarter how can I order a copy of Tyler Sigman’s Crows?

    1. We’ll have it for sale through our website soon, and you’ll be able to find it at your local game store in August 2018.

  2. Is it possible to buy the Deluxe version?


    1. Yes, We will update soon. As a previous store owner, I don’t like to sell the game online (on my site) until it is available in stores. so….soon =)

      1. Understand! Looking forward to purchasing a copy, sorry I missed this at Gencon.

        Speaking of that, is the promo spell still available?

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