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JunKing reviews are coming in!

A number of reviews have come in for JunKing and I thought a list would help people get a better view of what JunKing is and what kind of game it would be as it fits in your gaming library:

Board Game Resource spent a great deal of time creating an extensive Review of JunKing:

JunKing Review


And Board Game Resource also interviewed me for my work on the Kickstarter Campaign for JunKing:

Interview – David Gerrard, Designer of JunKing

The Family Gamers site is a great reference for parents that love to game with their kids:

JunKing: Impish Fun with all the Interesting Junk you can Grab!

Taco from gives his take on JunKing:


Many of these reviews confirm what we believe about JunKing – It’s a great gateway filler game with a fun amount of strategy and luck.

I’m sure there may be a few others out there, so let me know if I missed someone.  =)


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