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JunKing Official 4 or 6 Player Teams Variant

Official Teamplay variant for 4 or 6 players for JunKing:

Hey all!

We’ve had a ton of great feedback on JunKing and many people have reported that they commonly play 5 or 6 player games with the included expansion and are having a great time.  I was speaking with someone at a recent convention about playing as a team and realized that we didn’t include it in the rulebook but had alluded to it during the campaign.  We had initially wanted to note that 6 player games should really be played as 3 teams of 2 or 2 teams of 3 but you could definitely play 4 player games as 2 teams of 2 as well.

So here are the official rules in case anyone wants the stamp of approval from the design team:

Teamplay for JunKing:

It’s very simple.  You score as a team, carrying your points from game to game just as you do when playing individually, but you total up the points from each team member for your team score for each round.  The only specific rule is that there is no ‘tabletalk’ (talking strategy to your teammate(s)) and how you sit at the table.  You can see below that you need to sit in a way so that you are not sitting next to a teammate, no matter if you are playing 4 or 6 players:

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We’ve played a number of games like this ourselves and heard that people organically arrived at the same solution/variant.  What is fun is that you can use deck manipulation and the “You draw when someone plays an X” cards with interesting strategic effects when playing as a team.



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