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JSG will be at GenCon – Come see us!

Junk Spirit Games

Hey all,

We’ve been a bit silent about our progress on By Order of the Queen lately as we move through playtesting but I wanted to get a word out about upcoming conventions.

The big news of course is in the title, we will see you guys at GenCon.  We were able to sneak into a booth there and they put us across from Entrepreneur’s Avenue which is frankly the best place for our small team.  We are in the Northeastern corner of the convention hall:

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At our booth we will be demoing and selling JunKing along with showing off By Order of the Queen in our center table.  We have a pretty large booth and will also have art from Justin Hillgrove along with his new Anthology book from our recent kickstarter campaign.

If you picked up JunKing from our kickstarter, come by and let us know what you think of it, how it fits into your family gaming – we love to hear from you!  And we’ll give you the pitch on our next game, By Order of the Queen.


David Gerrard

2 thoughts on “JSG will be at GenCon – Come see us!

  1. I am going to be at gen con! I had already noticed you were going to be there and planned on stopping by the booth 😉 .
    Will you have some of the blank device cards I saw for Junking? Would love to pick up a set.

    1. Trista, we did bring those, but of course I noticed your note here after I got back home. Hopefully you ran by the booth and grabbed one…..? lol

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