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JSG will be at Gencon 50 (2017) – Come See Us!!

Junk Spirit Games

Hey all,

Quick note, your chance to get a wicked high five and meet the Junk Spirit Games team is coming up at Gencon 50, in a little under 2 weeks!

This year we are in booth 2909, and we’ll be there in full force (all FOUR of us!!!). You’ll find us in a double booth in the SouthEastern part of the Exhibit Hall.  We’ll be running demos for JunKing and By Order of the Queen along with showing off all our wares and yapping it up with all the good people of the gaming community there in the hall. We will also be showing off our next title, Tyler Sigman’s Crows. We’re pretty excited to be working on bringing back this fun strategic game into a published state, and Justin’s Art for this one has been amazing:

I’ll expand more about Crows in another update, but the bottom line is that this game will be on Kickstarter soon and we can’t wait to get started on finishing (lol) our work on the game and getting it to your gaming table.

If you picked up JunKing or By Order of the Queen, come by and let us know what you think of it, how it fits into your family gaming – we love to hear from you!

David Gerrard

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