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JSG will be at DragonFlight and PAX Prime

Junk Spirit Games

With GenCon behind us we move to the next two conventions that we will be at.  They are nearly back to back but both in Seattle.  Here is the quick rundown of what we are doing in the next month or so:


At Dragonflight we will have By Order of the Queen playable for the first time.  Find us here in the main ballroom:

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We will also have JunKing available and will be Demoing and playing on that little table next to us, B7.  I will be alone so you can come point and laugh at me while I try to juggle everything and still have some fun gaming with whoever wants to get a round in with a haggard game designer.  =)



We got into the Indie Megabooth’s Tabletop section with JunKing!  Check out the full list of games here:

This is awesome for our small team, to be selected as one of the ten teams to show off their games at Pax West 2016.  I will be demoing JunKing in multiple locations throughout the convention so if you want a wicked high five, come find me!

David Gerrard

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