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JSG at PAX West 2018 – Come meet us!

Attending Pax West this weekend in Seattle?

If you are, make sure to come by the TTCO room on the second floor in the tabletop area and meet the JSG team. We need all the playtesters and I want to hear from YOU after you play our next game, Battle of the Bards.

We’ll also obviously be selling our other games as well, and demoing Tyler Sigman’s Crows as it is almost getting to it’s retail release date.  Also, We’ll have our Gencon Bards enamel pin, so if you missed it, here’s your chance:



We have other freebies and cool stuff as well, and since we are in the TableTop Co-Op room, we are in there with a great group of game designers showing off their games as well.  So there is bound to be something in the TTCO for you!

Hope to see you all there.  =)

David Gerrard





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