JunKing is a game about finding and hoarding junk.  Everyone draws off the same shuffled deck of cards in the center of play, called the junkpile. Players are the Scavenger Imps looking for valuable pieces of discarded garbage from both our world and the Imp Lands that bestow prestige by their mere possession.

On your turn you draw a card, put a piece of junk into play from your hand, and then use one of the abilities on any of your cards in play.

All junk is worth something and the objective of JunKing is to amass the best hoard of junk.  In the Junkpile, there is one card that is the most coveted item called “The Crown”.  Once a player draws that card, the game is over and everyone adds up the points displayed on the pieces of junk they have found or hoarded. The player with the most points wins the current round/game.  The game only takes about 15 minutes to play, and is designed for multiple rounds of games, in much the same way you would play other fast paced games.

Check out our Rulebook PDF at this link HERE.

The main mechanic in JunKing revolves around everyone drawing cards from the same randomized deck (called the Junkpile) in the middle of play.  At the start of the game, you shuffle The Crown into the bottom half of the Junkpile.



On a player’s turn, you draw a card and then place a Junk item from your hand into play in one of four positions next to your Character card.  After placing the Junk on your Scavenger Imp, you can then use an ability on any of the cards you have in play.


JunKing is essentially a draw and play card game, but the strategy of hoarding Junk and diving after The Crown adds multiple levels of strategy, adding to replay-ability.   Here is a section of our rulebook showing a turn example in JunKing:



As you can see, the rules are very simple and easy to learn. The variety and frequency of the cards in the Junkpile Deck bring strategy to the game, much like many other strategy games.

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