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Set A Watch – Review

I was given a preview copy of Set A Watch for Review and I immediately opened it up and absorbed the rulebook. It brought me back to my D&D days where our DM would “make something happen” nearly any night that we forgot to set a watch as we camped. Many moments of arguing about whether or not we were wearing our armor and how far we can see, and unfortunately a handful of PC deaths resulted in these encounters. It was a lot of fun though, and I’m surprised the idea of a board game centered around that specific interaction in a fantasy setting hasn’t been seen more often in this industry. The theme of Set A Watch is incredibly unique and the execution of design and game mechanics in the box is awesome.

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Wasteland Express Delivery Service Review

When I was young I was heavily into the world of Mad Max.  I was that neighbor kid that bought 3 copies of Dark Future (from Games Workshop) so he could have tons of models and he would pester you to play future-cars-with-guns-that-blow-up as much as possible.  I am immediately drawn to this theme, no matter how good the resulting game is. Wasteland Express Delivery Service showed up on my radar and it was an instant purchase. Continue reading Wasteland Express Delivery Service Review

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Yukon Salon – Styling Lumberjacks and their pet ….bears.

Sometimes when you play games you feel like there MUST be some kind of weird backstory involved in the creation process of the game in front of you.  With Yukon Salon, I’ve got to assume there is a range of answers here, from someone having a mighty mighty beard to someone else thinking the name makes for a funny rhyme.  Either way, we now have a game for all your Lumberjack beardtrimming needs.  Also, style their pets too, you know, those bears they are always rolling around with. Continue reading Yukon Salon – Styling Lumberjacks and their pet ….bears.

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Mystic Vale – A well executed “new” mechanic in deck building

Another Deck Builder??!  This era of board gaming sometimes feels similar to the time that Magic the Gathering was released, where everyone and their dog was releasing a new TCG into the market.  Everyone has a deck builder game, or a twist on the deck builder mechanic.  Heck, WE (at Junk Spirit Games) even have a deck builder coming down the pipeline…..  But for me, this style of game is about the only type of game that my wife will play with me, so I madly buy every deck builder that looks like they half tried to keep from having to play 15 billion rounds of Dominion (which I love).  Mystic Vale from AEG hits a lot of the best points of deck building while adding a bit of tableau building.

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Star Wars Rebellion Review – Epic Asymmetrical Gameplay

I’m enough of a Star Wars and Fantasy Flight fan that Star Wars Rebellion was easily a day one purchase for me.  In fact, it’s been a long time since I pre-ordered a game and I was quite happy when it was delivered to my door.  Having to wait four days until my game group’s next game night was the hardest part for me.  After playing two rounds of the game I went online to find comments from the gaming community on Rebellion and I was surprised to find a good amount of them were negative.  After playing more and studying the game at length, I have my review, and an explanation of why I think so many gamers found this game lacking…. Continue reading Star Wars Rebellion Review – Epic Asymmetrical Gameplay

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Dead of Winter – Game Mechanics Review

I brought Dead of Winter to our game group during a time when we were playing various cooperative games and having a great time trouncing the AIs of different thematic games.  We had been playing a lot of Zombicide so another zombie game wasn’t really what we were looking for though.  But this game is less about zombies and more about human interaction, which is what makes The Walking Dead such a great comic book series (Huge fan).  Besides the psychological aspects of the game there are multiple mechanics from other games in here, but the Crossroads system is something awesome and unique.  Let’s discuss all of it: Continue reading Dead of Winter – Game Mechanics Review

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Scoville Review – Just the Euro-style game I was looking for.

It’s not often that I miss awesome games on Kickstarter, but in the case of Scoville it definitely happened.  Fortunately for me, the game did well enough that they ran an expansion Kickstarter that had a pledge level with the original game in it.  After getting it in the mail and reading the rules, I was really happy that the game seems like something my daughters would enjoy playing.  Besides Castles of Mad King Ludwig, I don’t really have many Euro-style games to offer them, so this fit into my collection perfectly.

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Abyss Review – Even the stuff no one wants is useful

Recently at OrcaCon I was able to play Abyss with some friends.  I’ve been looking to get a game of this in because I figured it would be a great game to add to my ‘family’ library of games.  The art is great and although it is a competitive game, I heard there was not a ton of attacking other players.  I found a cool mechanic in this game by Asterion Press/Asmodee as well, and I like how it integrates unwanted cards back into the gameplay. Continue reading Abyss Review – Even the stuff no one wants is useful

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Burgle Bros. – A Strong Thematic Game with a Ton of Variety

I recently got my Kickstarter copy of Burgle Bros. in hand and I’ve had a great time playing a number of rounds with both my gaming group and my children.   It’s always great to find games that will hit the table no matter who I am playing with.  Burgle Bros. is a light cooperative strategy game with a family friendly theme and artwork with a distinctive style. Continue reading Burgle Bros. – A Strong Thematic Game with a Ton of Variety