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15 Ways to influence your children’s love of boardgames

I’ve always heard jokes about “creating your own gamers” with your children.  The idea being that you need to play games with your kids and show them the joy of gaming and over time they become your best gaming buddies.  I knew that my daughters, with the father they have, would develop into gamers magnificently.  I’ve taken pragmatic steps throughout their youth to show them how much fun they can have gaming and I’ve seen the skills gained through gaming translate nicely into other aspects of their lives.  Continue reading 15 Ways to influence your children’s love of boardgames

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A quick math game I made up for my daughter

One night cleaning up, I found a timed math test that my youngest daughter (7) had recently taken.  It had a horrendous score on it, something like 56%.  Asking her teacher I found out that it was just the first timed test of the year, and that most students have a score like that, and it improves over the school year because they take this timed test multiple times.  The dad that I am, I was not satisfied with that explanation (I’m a borderline copter parent).  I knew I had to do something….

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Gaming with my girls – DungeonQuest

(This is one of my favorite posts from years ago right after I bought Fantasy Flight’s DungeonQuest, posted here for consolidation)

My daughter saw me come home with Dungeonquest about a week ago and has been asking me about it every day when I come home from work. It’s hard for me to explain to my 4-yr-old daughter that its not really a game for her age. I’m not worried about the theme scaring her or ruining her life – she knows what monsters are, and I would say she is the best monster-finder this side of the Mississippi. In fact, we make a great team, she points em out, and I “get” them. Continue reading Gaming with my girls – DungeonQuest