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JunKing Kickstarter Postmortem

It took a few months longer than we expected, but we are finally fully finished with the JunKing kickstarter, with all of the shipments to backers complete.  We have a few emails out there waiting for responses from some select people with weird addresses, but I’m sure we will get that squared away soon.  Let’s talk about what went right and wrong before we talk about what is next for the small JSG team.

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JunKing Holiday PnP Character and Player Aid

JunKing Fans –

We created a Print-n-Play pdf file for the holidays that contains a new character and a player aid.  Feel free to download it and print it as needed.

Introducing Nik, who recently found a mall Santa costume in the JunkLands and now has the giving spirit!   Also, we have a small player aid for helping new players understand how cards get placed during JunKing gameplay.

Here is the Link: