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By Order of the Queen Pre-Production Copy Unboxing

We are on our final stages of getting By Order of the Queen fully created and into the hands of our backers and into gamestores across the world.  In these final stages, our manufacturer has sent us what they call the PPC (The Pre-Production Copy).

It is basically a hand made printed copy of the full game.  In the video below you can see the unboxing for this copy.  Our insert is the only element of the game that is not finished yet, but we should have that in hand for approval in the next couple of week.


We’re obviously very excited about this step in the process and now we even have a copy that we can play with our friends and at local game stores.  =)

Let me know if you have any questions beyond the video.

David Gerrard




2 thoughts on “By Order of the Queen Pre-Production Copy Unboxing

  1. Hi. Just received by the order of the queen a few days ago. Thanks for the thinking of the packaging/delivery and providing the small zip-locks!

    I am just curious to find out … what exactly function does the queen’s seal serve? Is it a requirement to have the queen’s seal (to be on the order with the 8 success tokens) to complete a queen’s order ? Only one seal needs to be on the queen’s order or are we looking at up to 3 seals?

    If the “Queen’s order advancement” only takes place at the event phase, does that mean that the fastest game completion will at least 8 player turns ?

    1. The Queen’s Seal is placed over the Queen’s Order once someone takes the Queen’s Order action. And noone can take the Queen’s Order action when the Seal is there in play. But, the Seal is removed during every Event phase. Essentially, this means that the Queen’s Order action can only be taken once p for every 4 player turns.

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