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By Order of the Queen – officially announced from Junk Spirit Games

We’ve been teasing #projectbaroness here, on facebook and on twitter for a few months now and today is the day that we can officially get rid of the hashtag name.  We at Junk Spirit Games are happy to announce our next game: By Order of the Queen.

By Order of the Queen Summary

By Order of the Queen is a 2-4 player cooperative fantasy RPG-lite board game that plays in around 90 minutes.  In the game, players take on the roles of Quest Agents trying to protect the Kingdom of Tessandor from a myriad of threats endangering Noonshade Keep. Players will draw a hand of heroes and take turns assigning them to quests, combat, or completing the Orders of the Queen.  As time passes the Kingdom falls further into darkness, so players must work together to complete the Queen’s perfect plan to secure the Kingdom’s future.

The Story/Theme

Noonshade Keep is the center of a large prosperous kingdom.  The Kingdom is full of multiple peaceful castles, cities, and towns all of different races from this fantasy world.  Although there is peace, the kingdom is under constant threat by various monsters and evil-doers from within and on its borders.  Noonshade Keep’s King is lost in battle, and feared dead.  In his absence, the monsters and evildoers of the kingdom have decided that this is the best time to launch their assault on Noonshade Keep.  The Queen is an incredibly intelligent and pragmatic military strategist.  Now in charge, she enacts her plan to save the Kingdom making a call to all heroes across the land to fight for their Queen and drive back the evil tide of monsters.  Her plan is multi-faceted as she creates multiple quests for the heroes that would see them travel to the farthest reaches of the Kingdom.  Some quests seem less important than others, but all quests must be completed for her plan to work, no matter how easy or difficult the task.  She opens the vaults of Noonshade Keep as payment to the heroes and promises that The Keep’s townfolk will tirelessly work to create the weapons, armor, and other various items needed for the heroes to be victorious.  With the promise of gold and glory, heroes arrive from all the corners of the kingdom.  So many heroes arrive that ‘Quest Agents’ are put in charge of creating four-hero teams to take on these quests – to protect Noonshade Keep.

By Order of the Queen Gameplay

During the game, the players will choose a team of heroes and send them on one of three available tasks.  For Quests, the party will then go through the quest, with the players drawing location cards and interacting with the situation written on the card through rolling dice based on the heroes’ abilities.  For Combat, the group that you select will fight the monsters that threaten the villagers throughout Tessandor.  For the Queen’s Orders, the team of Heroes will be sent to a location and then have an opportunity to add successes to the Queen’s Order to complete her plan.  During a game of By Order of the Queen, players will have to balance the different threats against The Keep with their ability to finish Quests to protect everyone and make the kingdom safe again.

What we know right now is that By Order of the Queen will have:

  • Game Board showing the town of The Keep
  • Tokens to represent villagers, successes, etc.
  • 60 Different Characters
  • 80+ Location Cards
  • 24 Quest Cards
  • 10 Queen’s Quest Cards
  • 40+ Monster Cards
  • 50+ Item Cards
  • Bunches of Tokens
  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 10+
  • About 90 minutes to play


We are currently in a prototype/tweaking phase for By Order of the Queen and as we will reveal more as time goes on.  We are currently tweaking the difficulty of the game so we can give you a challenging cooperative experience where you work with your fellow Agents to mitigate the threats to Noonshade Keep.

The Art of By Order of the Queen:

JSG is essentially a group of artists so you’ll definitely see a lot of awesome hand-drawn art that will add to the theme of the game.  Of course the Heroes are hand-drawn, here is a sample:

/home/byteme7/public html/ content/uploads/hero cards for premiere v2
By Order of the Queen features a diverse group of characters with varying race, gender, and age which adds to the theme of the Queen calling to all corners of the Kingdom for any Heroes willing to defend the Kingdom.

Additionally, we are hand-drawing our card backs:

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These are our prototypes, we just need to add color!


Launching JunKing through Kickstarter was such a great experience that we will be definitely sending By Order of the Queen through the same process.  We are looking at a Jan/Feb 2017 timeframe for our Kickstarter campaign.  Please follow me on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more information as we are able to share it.

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