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By Order of the Queen – Now Available

What is By Order of the Queen?

By Order of the Queen is a 2-4 player cooperative fantasy RPG-lite board game that plays in 90-120 minutes. Players take on the role of a Guildmaster of the Kingdom of Tessandor. There are so many heroes wanting to help the Queen that the guilds have been tasked with assigning heroes to protect the Kingdom as they see fit.

I designed By Order of the Queen with these three principles in mind:

  • Simple Game Mechanics
  • Strong Strategic Gameplay
  • Epic Story-driven Fantasy RPG Setting

What this has resulted in is a game I can play with my two young daughters, teaching them about strategy as they read the cards and get enthralled in the story.  By Order of the Queen is also a game that I can bring out at the office to play with my veteran gamer friends, as we work together to keep the Kingdom of Tessandor from falling apart.

During the game, players will draw a hand of heroes and take turns assigning them to quests, combat, or completing the orders of the Queen. As time passes the kingdom falls further into darkness, so players must work together to complete the Queen’s perfect plan to secure Tessandor’s future.

Inside By Order of the Queen you will find:

How to Play:

The main actions taken by the players are Fighting Against the Horde and Questing.  Below are examples from the rulebook:


During Question actions a player will draw an appropriate Location Card and go through the story of what their party experiences that week.  All the Location Cards are written like small “Choose your own adventure” stories where dice rolls determine whether they are successful or fail during the event.


Fighting Against the Horde:

When a player decides to fight against the horde of monsters that terrorize the villagers of Tessandor, they simply will select a well-rounded party of four Heroes and then roll dice trying to score equal to or above the values on the Monster Cards in play.

By Order of the Queen was successfully funded on Kickstarter with many thanks to our wonderful backers that continue to support our games!

If you’d like to look at the rules you can view them at this link: HERE

And as always if you have any questions, please contact us!

David Gerrard


4 thoughts on “By Order of the Queen – Now Available

  1. Sadly missed the Kickstarter on this one…. you don’t happen to have a few leftover ones that I can buy do you?! That would be pretty cool 😉

    1. We do, available in our store! And secretly, we throw in all the promos and extras for free when you buy any of our games directly from us. =)

  2. Hi Junk Spirit Team!

    If I order this game now… two questions:

    1) Is it the KS version or no? Just wanna know what to expect.

    2) How soon does it ship?


    1. Eric,

      We currently do have extra KS versions and if you buy from us directly you get the KS version while we still have them to give out. =) We usually ship within the day that it is ordered.

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