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By Order of the Queen now available on Kickstarter

We finally did it!  We hit some buttons on our Kickstarter page and By Order of the Queen is now available through Kickstarter.  The campaign will run until March 2nd 9:00 PM PST.


Back in April 2016 I was telling people that we were about to go onto kickstarter with our newest game.  Proud, I was telling everyone to watch for it to show up as late as June.  Then we did some live playtesting with some people at a local game store.  The feedback we got was brutal but honest, and very true, and it shaped the development of the game as we slipped that June date.

Then we said FOR SURE that we would launch in Sept 2016.  We went to GenCon and showed off the game along with promoting our first game JunKing.  The reception was great, we had people trying to come up and buy the game just from seeing the banner of the cover art.  We talked with everyone and told them that this was 100% going to be on Kickstarter by the end of the year.

So…..that didn’t happen.  My position has always been that we’ll get it up and out there when it is ready, and it just wasn’t there.  The art was great, the text was great, but we needed more tweaks on the gameplay to make it more fun and balanced.

I’ll post some blog entries about our process as the campaign unfolds but I wanted to make sure to just note that we FINALLY got this game out there at this link HERE

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