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Scoville Review – Just the Euro-style game I was looking for.

It’s not often that I miss awesome games on Kickstarter, but in the case of Scoville it definitely happened.  Fortunately for me, the game did well enough that they ran an expansion Kickstarter that had a pledge level with the original game in it.  After getting it in the mail and reading the rules, I was really happy that the game seems like something my daughters would enjoy playing.  Besides Castles of Mad King Ludwig, I don’t really have many Euro-style games to offer them, so this fit into my collection perfectly.

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The Art of Justin Hillgrove Kickstarter has launched!

Justin Hillgrove sent this newsletter out today:

Hey guys!

Exciting news! For about a year now I have been working on putting together a coffee table art book and it is finally ready to share with you!

This last December marked 10 years of sharing my art and it seemed like the perfect time to do a book. It is very much a love letter to you who have supported me and my work this last decade. Countless hours and energy have gone into into designing a premium hardcover art book with clean layouts and rich content. All the info about the book can be found on (My friend Dave Gerrard is helping me manage the campaign, if you are wondering why his name pops up). 

So why am I Kickstarting this? 

Whether or not the Kickstarter is successful I will be producing the book, but I’m using it to set up a pre-order with some exclusives as well as providing me with some of the capital to go forward with the printing much sooner than I might otherwise be able to do. As always, I appreciate the support and encouragement. Please share the campaign with your friends! 

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It is moving quite fast and will definitely fund.  There are still some ‘in cover sketch’ pledge tiers available, so make sure to check it out.  =)
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Darkest Dungeon – How this digital game should inspire next-gen board games

I’ve been watching Darkest Dungeon very closely since it’s Kickstarter campaign two years ago.  I’ve put about 450 hours into the game itself and practically cyber-stalked the Red Hook team to understand their process and get a feeling for how a strong thematic game and world are created from the ground up.  To those of you un-familiar with the game, you owe it to yourself to check it out, it is currently on Steam.  You should play Darkest Dungeon, especially if you are a board gamer, and super-especially if you are going to be designing your own games.  Allow me to explain why:

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JunKing – Blank Promo Cards now available

We’ve created a set of Blank cards to encourage all of our fans to draw their own pieces of Junk.  This promo set of cards contains:

  • 3 Cards
  • All Devices, one of each Element type from JunKing
  • Action text of: A: Draw 1 Card, Discard 1 Card.  While this is in play, you may Choose to ignore the effects of an Event Card.

You can purchase them in our store here:

JunKing Promos – Blank Device Cards

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Abyss Review – Even the stuff no one wants is useful

Recently at OrcaCon I was able to play Abyss with some friends.  I’ve been looking to get a game of this in because I figured it would be a great game to add to my ‘family’ library of games.  The art is great and although it is a competitive game, I heard there was not a ton of attacking other players.  I found a cool mechanic in this game by Asterion Press/Asmodee as well, and I like how it integrates unwanted cards back into the gameplay. Continue reading Abyss Review – Even the stuff no one wants is useful

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JunKing Kickstarter Postmortem

It took a few months longer than we expected, but we are finally fully finished with the JunKing kickstarter, with all of the shipments to backers complete.  We have a few emails out there waiting for responses from some select people with weird addresses, but I’m sure we will get that squared away soon.  Let’s talk about what went right and wrong before we talk about what is next for the small JSG team.

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Burgle Bros. – A Strong Thematic Game with a Ton of Variety

I recently got my Kickstarter copy of Burgle Bros. in hand and I’ve had a great time playing a number of rounds with both my gaming group and my children.   It’s always great to find games that will hit the table no matter who I am playing with.  Burgle Bros. is a light cooperative strategy game with a family friendly theme and artwork with a distinctive style. Continue reading Burgle Bros. – A Strong Thematic Game with a Ton of Variety

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15 Ways to influence your children’s love of boardgames

I’ve always heard jokes about “creating your own gamers” with your children.  The idea being that you need to play games with your kids and show them the joy of gaming and over time they become your best gaming buddies.  I knew that my daughters, with the father they have, would develop into gamers magnificently.  I’ve taken pragmatic steps throughout their youth to show them how much fun they can have gaming and I’ve seen the skills gained through gaming translate nicely into other aspects of their lives.  Continue reading 15 Ways to influence your children’s love of boardgames

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JunKing Holiday PnP Character and Player Aid

JunKing Fans –

We created a Print-n-Play pdf file for the holidays that contains a new character and a player aid.  Feel free to download it and print it as needed.

Introducing Nik, who recently found a mall Santa costume in the JunkLands and now has the giving spirit!   Also, we have a small player aid for helping new players understand how cards get placed during JunKing gameplay.

Here is the Link: