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Battle of the Bards – The Next Game from Junk Spirit Games

Here at Junk Spirit Games, we are very excited to announce our next boardgame: Battle of the Bards. Set in the world of Tessandor, players will race to capture audiences with their performance troupe during the annual Bardic competition in Noonshade Keep.

What is Battle of the Bards?

Battle of the Bards is a 2-4 player family friendly competitive strategy game that will take 20-40 minutes to play. This fourth title from JSG is a strategic dice rolling game with light aspects of deckbuilding. Each player will start with a basic set of Bards and during play they will recruit new bards to add to their deck, create performances and work with their roadies to entertain the audiences that show up to cheer for their favorite troupes in the competition.

On your turn you will have a hand of 4 bards and you choose three of them to send to the stage. You then roll all dice in your dice pool and the puzzle of your turn unfolds in front of you as you prioritize your strategy based on what is in play and how well (or badly) you rolled. You have many different types of actions you can take, and during your turn you can take them in any order that you choose.

All Bards can have dice assigned to them to give you a bonus as they perform, such as giving you more dice, allowing you to tune your dice or stealing dice from other players.

On this Bard, assign a die with a value of 4 or less to gain an orange die.

To fill out your Troupe, you can post Wanted posters to recruit new bards for your deck. You add new Bards to your deck, and you cycle through your deck multiple times in any given game so any purchased Bards will return later in the game to perform. Additionally, recruiting Bards will give you small amounts of victory points.

Recruit a Bard by discarding a Wanted poster and two dice with the same number.

With the dice from your pool, you can also create performances with any set of three dice that are in a sequence, such as 2,3,4 or 4,5,6. After creating a number of performances, you spend them to capture audiences securing your path to victory. All audiences are worth victory points, and some of them give an extra ability to the player that captures them first.

In this example, a player spends two Illusionist and one Dancing performance to capture the audience. The audience then enables the player to steal a die from another player.

The game is finished and we are playtesting with various game groups in our local area. We are also excited to bring Battle of the Bards to all of the conventions we attend. We’re just finishing up the art and the design so some of the images above are not 100% representative of the final product, but it is going very well and just look at the cover art that Justin Hillgrove created:



We are tentatively aiming to get Battle of the Bards onto Kickstarter in Q1 2019. Watch for more information here, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter. As always, let us know if you have any questions!  =)

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