About Us


David Gerrard owned and operated a brick and mortar game store enabling him to essentially play games for 12-14 hours a day for over 8 years. He’s also been a dedicated gamer since he was 10 yrs old, and he is OLD now… so… lots of years. He has worked with Sabertooth Games and Microsoft in the past and brings his experience and pragmatic dedication to his game design.

Justin Hillgrove has been able to do a lot of amazing things as an artist – to name a few he has painted murals for Facebook in Seattle and London, worked on toys with The Coop, Rampage Toys & Funko, and created covers for Cartoon Network‘s “Adventure Time” comic, in addition to all of his own well-known creations and exhibitions. Justin’s art has a lot of whimsy and humor making it very approachable and relatable. To learn more about Justin and Explore his paintings, sketches, toys and more, check out his site here.

Travis Torgerson, our graphic designer, has worked in licensed product development for brands like Adventure Time, Star Trek, and The Walking Dead. He loves typography, playing card games, and drinking copious amounts of black coffee.

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