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7 Reasons to go to a Game Meetup in your Area!

I haven’t really frequented game stores since I closed Allegiance Games (my store) down in 2003.  I just don’t get out that much when it comes to games.  I’ve spent most of my gaming time either playing online on my PC, or having my friends over to get rounds of boardgames in.  I’ve got a great space for it so I figured, “Why would I ever want to go out to meet other gamers when I can game every weekend with people I know?”  I’m definitely an extrovert, but getting me to go somewhere is the REAL challenge. Continue reading 7 Reasons to go to a Game Meetup in your Area!

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Flick ‘Em Up – Game Mechanic Review of “Initiative”

Flick ‘Em Up has definitely caught the eye of many gamers that would normally never buy dexterity games.  As a father of two gamers in training, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a cowboy themed tabletop game that would have my girls thinking pragmatically and then executing plans physically.  Dexterity games offer that juxtaposition.  But I want to talk more about a specific mechanic in this post: Initiative.

Continue reading Flick ‘Em Up – Game Mechanic Review of “Initiative”

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Game Store Chronicles – Drunk Guy Story #1

When I was 18 I opened a small game store in my home town and I was fortunate to run it for about eight years.  I have many great memories that have developed into great conversation and stories with the gamers in the boardgaming community.  Below is a true story, with the names changed: Continue reading Game Store Chronicles – Drunk Guy Story #1

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Gaming with my girls – DungeonQuest

(This is one of my favorite posts from years ago right after I bought Fantasy Flight’s DungeonQuest, posted here for consolidation)

My daughter saw me come home with Dungeonquest about a week ago and has been asking me about it every day when I come home from work. It’s hard for me to explain to my 4-yr-old daughter that its not really a game for her age. I’m not worried about the theme scaring her or ruining her life – she knows what monsters are, and I would say she is the best monster-finder this side of the Mississippi. In fact, we make a great team, she points em out, and I “get” them. Continue reading Gaming with my girls – DungeonQuest